Day One Journal App Reviews

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Stop asking for reviews

Its tacky and earns 1 star reviews.

Tried v2 and returning to Classic v1

Classic v1 is timeless. I can do without the multiple picture posts - they dont display beyond average in any event. Who needs multiple journals in every rainbow colour? I just need one that works and works well. I prefer a simple, classy lay out. Thats what sold me on Day One in the first place.

My Workhorse!

As an entrepreneur, this is truly my one #musthave app! All my ideas begin in this beautiful little tool!


You should add a function where the user can input a password to keep their journal private...other than that the app is really good and very useful ?

Modern time journaling

Its a great new way to journal your day, time and moments. Its an all in one diary=scrapbook. Amazing way to capture your life one day at a time!

Great app

Love the app

Love this

Would give five if was compatible with PC. It is really fun to use!


I use to write my agenda for 4 years now and It is great way to ending my days.

New version is useless without subscription

Ive been using the classic version of DayOne for years, including the mac version, using dayone sync (not iCloud/Dropbox) for years and have loved it. Updated to the new app and suddenly I cant even sync without paying the yearly subscription--which makes the app pretty useless, of course. Luckily I kept the old app and can still use that to sync. The new one may be great and if youre willing to pay, great. But be aware that without the subscription its so basic that theres really no point in using it. If you have the old one, I recommend you stick with it.

The best in diary apps

Day One is superb because it is easy to use but has many features as well. It syncs well and quickly with the iOS and the app on the MacBook Pro.

Poorly built

Complaints: Unreliable syncing, loooong animations which lead to bottom press delays, and bugs galore. For example, when I create a new entry, the color displayed will be the color of the journal the previous entry was entered into unread of he color associated with the journal I am currently adding to. The UI of the iOS and Mac apps dont align in some cases, making performing simple actions like adjusting the date/time of an entry complicated. Additionally, it feels like every time I open the app the developer has moved pieces of UI to different locations. If I had to give the UI design of Day One a grade out of 100%, Id give it a 55%. Its very obvious that this app is not built by people in Silicon Valley. I use this app about 8 to 10 times per day to create quick 1-5 sentence entries and I dont like it at all. If given the chance, I would completely redesign this application on both iOS and Mac.

Excellent interface

Loving this journal. Very intuitive from the start and keeps me engaged.

Just amazing!

Used it for all my notes.

Handy app

This is a handy app for keeping track of what Ive been doing. Ive used it for about three years and find it useful to go back and refresh my memory about meetings, appointments, etc. The only problem I have is remembering to make an entry until sometime later. Thats my fault, not the app.

Awesome run fracker

Im using Day One to journal my Half Marathon training. I log my distance, time, how I felt, anything else worth noting, and a photo. I travel a lot, so its cool to see the map, pinned with all the cities where Ive done training runs. The night before my race, I plan to review my notes, images, and the map to remind myself of all the hard work and preparation that went into a successful race. Not all days are good, so it will be encouraging to see how Ive persevered through the process. Hopefully this will help center my mind and help me focus on running well!

Love it

Easy to use and i really enjoy the interface.


I purchased this app for $5 a couple of years ago, deleted it when I was asked to pay $5 more for it which I didnt do. Decided to check into it today to find Im expected to subscribe now to use an app I paid for which is course I wont do. There are several better options for me. I owned version 1.0, I will not pay for 2.0 or a subscription, app has been deleted.

End to End Encryption!!!

Finally, the end-to-end Encryption is here! DayOne is officially the best journal app!

One of the most elegant iOS apps!

I wish all apps were as half as good as this app from a design perspective. Intuitive, functional and beautiful!

Now very disappointed

Now I cant work with my journals, no sync, if Im not premium. Long time with you, spending my money, now you want more money. Bye. You dont respect your old customers with this kind actions. GOD bless you.

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