Day One Journal App Reviews

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One of my few every day apps

Excellent update to an already excellent app. One of the small handful of apps I actually use every day.

Great so far!

Been using for 5 days. So far App works like I need it too. Make a journal entry every day. Can also go back and edit if needed. Have plenty of character space for what it need.

Keeping My Memories

I love using this to document the things I do with my daughter! The only thing I wish was improved is the transfer to make into a memory book, its not as pretty looking as I would like.


Journaling isnt really my thing but friends say how great it is for being more organized or purposeful and it has many other benefits--Im told. However, I get so sick of typing and much prefer handwriting which for me is personally more expressive... I often like to doodle when Im thinking and I really wish this app was compatible with Apple Pencil. Guess Ill keep looking.

Great app

Simple with many advanced feature - sync flawlessly between devices

Kludgey secure sync doesnt work across platforms

So they have encryption now. But after struggling for over an hour to get my phone and my desktop actually sync and getting nowhere — no, the app does not recognize the generated key — I had to give up. I wrote to developers for tech support and received nothing. Silence. Thanks for nothing.

If you have the first version, you should be all set.

The developers talk a lot about end to end encryption. Im pretty sure we all use iCloud and most of us are not willing to pay vastly more amounts of money just for something most of us dont even want. First version works fine (if you have it). Ill continue to use that until another competitor comes around.

The best one of them all

This is definitely the best journal app there is, it has passcode lock, all the entries are divided by date, journal, place and hastag. You can export into various formats. Simply amazing.

Love this app

I am having so much fun keeping a daily log of my families life including pictures . I look forward at the end of a year to make a book of the year 2017!

Solid Journaling App

I have nothing but good things to say about this latest version of Day One. In particular I appreciate the ability to divide my entries into different journals and especially to encrypt those journals. I do not have any issue with paying a yearly subscription fee to what to me is an essential journal application. Synchronizing between my iPhone and my MacBook Pro is also fast and reliable and that is very much appreciated.

Thank goodness this is now subscription based!

Ive had Day One since their day one. But I was extremely inconsistent in making entries. Extremely. Then, when they switched to a subscription based service, I paid for a year. Why? I wanted to support the developers because I like the app (even though I didnt use it as frequently as intended). Guess what, though? Now that Im paying for it I have been journaling multiple times per day! Now that Im "invested" financially I feel a stronger urge to keep up with it. That makes me happy!

Using this for three years! Keeps getting better!

I resisted the idea of an electronic journal, I was a moleskin user and still love pen and paper. I was wanting to include photos in my journal, so I made the leap. It has exceeded my expectations. I appreciate now, after using for several years, what I did on this day in previous years pops up for me to see. And now you can get books printed of entries, plan on doing that soon. I also appreciate that I can have it on all my devices and that the only thing I use this app for is journaling.


Continues to drop updates! Dont bother with this app if you want something that actually works.

Nice to have portability with journal writing

I have always enjoyed journal writing. The problem with a hard copy journal is that when you have a "great insight" you dont tend to have the journal with you. Now you can have your journal always with you whether its on your phone or tablet. You can also import "great insights" you have already jotted down on social media sites. You can import photos you have taken during the day. You can export your journal so that you have it saved in alternate location. I love this journal!

The subscription is well worth it

Ive been a Day one user for as many years as it dates back to the classic version. At least since 2011. Theres been some complaints about moving away from ICloud and Dropbox, then most recently the subscription model... I hope that this model keeps them well enough financed to stay with this Journaling program that ive really come to count on. The extras and syncing that happens between Day One servers are as seemless as before with I cloud.. I never had problems before and dont now. I think really good software should be supported and to expect that a 1 time payment for the paltry amounts we paid in the beginning could possibly support and sustain a product like this for years to come is simply ignorant. People should make a living, and the future development of this product should be supported, and not expected to support someone 3 years from now for the cost of a few lattes today. Wake up people, this is the future of software. While I cant say I want endless 1.99 or whatever amount,,subscriptions whittling away at my bank account, there are a few I can accept. This one keeps lifes thoughts, pics and many special places, moments. Its value is really hard to put a dollar amount to. I enjoy Day One tremendously.. I highly recommend.

Piece of cr..

Typed almost full page of thoughts, app "blinked" and all was lost--including my desire to keep a journal.

A rip off?

As someone who bought a previous version of the App (the original version actually when it first came onto the store), I feel like I have just seen the developer tweek the app in multiple ways trying to monetize it, with little regard for the previous paid user. After I bought the app, instead of updating it, they came up with a Day One 2. Thats fine. Now I download the app on my new device, and its a subscription app. Although I have previously paid for it, now I am a "basic" user. And the yearly subscription is so expensive. My NYT student subscription is cheaper than this. A rip off for sure.

sync requires premium subscription

first they removed Dropbox sync (Day One Classic), then iCloud sync (free), and now charge for their own sync service. meh

Was wonderful

Great app but now to keep it great one must pay a high ransom.

Love this latest version

This app simply Rocks!!! I love the organizational functions and all the various interfaces. It really helps me to separate my prayers and other thoughts Id like to journalize. Thank you for the revised format! Prayers answered! Only request we be for iPad Pro users to be able to use the pen to write in journal!

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