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Slow off Wifi, Broken Markdown, Classic was Better

I find when journaling and Im not on a wifi network that the typing grinds to a halt. I can keep typing, but the display is about four to five words behind me, so I have to stop, let it catch up, fix any typos, and it really slows down typing on the go. The entire point of being able to journal on your phone is so its always accessible. This is a really big bummer. And then theres the entire neutered Markdown thing. I was a DayOne Classic user from way back. I have over 800 entries now, and when they finally brought end to end encryption to Day One 2, (since they moved to their own servers), I thought I could finally migrate. With end to end encryption, I figured my journals were safe from their snooping. But I found out that they changed how they handle markdown. Basically, they dont respect the line breaking of markdown, so all my old journal entries look terrible and the formatting is completely broken. Instead of going with a half-implemented version of markdown, why not just bring in a toggle. Then those of use who want to use markdown properly can, and it doesnt break all our old journals. And for those whove never heard of markdown, (which I suspect is the larger group), they can go on using it like a normal text editor. Its very frustrating when a company makes such a massive change to the software that breaks basic functionality without providing any warning, work arounds, or rationale. Its for this reason Im on a hunt for a new journaling app. Im cool with the subscription model. Im not cool with not being able to trust whats going to happen to my journals over the long term.

Love this app!

Even though I had to pay in order for it to be usable, it is worth it to have such a great tool to help me document my life privately.

Love this app!

It really helps keep my emotions in check. I trade for a living and write in journals all the time now I can just this app instead of buying hundreds of journals!

Love this app


Love this app!

This is by far one of my favorite apps on my phone. Its very simple and easy to use. I love how easy I can write down a journal entry and add a time and place, maybe a photo. Every entry is nicely recorded and organized. I use this for many notes, entries or blog articles I want to remember by copy and pasting. I also love having an option to have multiple journals which I can access by tabbing over and customizing the color for better organization. I give this app 5 stars easily!

Crash and reboot bug

Very very annoying bug with pictures showing up as small white cubes. Ive been patient with the developers for over a year now and unfortunately will leave this review with one star. Ive been using Day once they the app hit the App Store. I have it on all my devices iPad, iPhone and MacBooks and Macs. I am also a year paid subscribing customer. Last few months have been painstakingly horrible with this app. It constantly crashes. Then it crashes my iPhone 6 Plus. Usually when I try to add more than 10 pictures at a time to my journal entry. Then theres a bug that my pictures will not show up. They are instead displayed by a square thumbnail icon. I have been back and forth with all the tech support personnel and they still say they can not replicate the issue therefore can not fix it. This is unreal. When you decide to charge a yearly paid subscription now to your already paid app, you should fix these issues asap. You guys should seriously reconsider your priorities. This is unacceptable.

Fine but i need the Windows App

I love day one app, but i want the Windows App because for me is more easy have the control of the information that i have in my computer. But i dont have because @dayapp dosent have app or web to Windows Computer ?

Generally good

Works well for journaling, although it can be non intuitive to navigate. Id like to see Apple Pencil support for the iPad Pro.

God damn subscription!

Ive bought this app and now you are guys making an update with a subscription! Its ridiculous! I will never use this app again, greedy developers!

⚠️ ?? Do not trust Day One or Bloom Built Inc.

Ive been a Day One user since March 2013. I successfully synced with iCloud and Dropbox, as did many other customers based on recent reviews that criticize your unethical behavior. Basically, you advertised and sold an app that allegedly had glitches so you rebuilt the app eliminating features customers previously paid for. You now charge customers to use your proprietary syncing service. The ethical solution would have been to continue allowing customers -- like me -- (who paid for and successfully utilized iCloud and Dropbox) to resume syncing with those 3rd party services. Instead you took the unethical route and rolled out an update that forces customers to use your syncing service, added new functionality (multiple journals) then as time passed, started charging (bait-and-switch) for your syncing service and to access the new features. I now have multiple journals I cannot access, and I no longer can sync between devices without paying for "Day One Premium". I was already a Day One plus user and now you want to charge me more. Day One will propose using Day One Classic to continue syncing with Dropbox. Again, another example of how disconnected they are from the end users (customers). Day One Classic does not support the journal entries created in the subsequent version -- namely, multiple photos per journal entry.

I love day one but classic still my fav

Best journaling app for iOS, no contest. Would love the option to import calendar events into the meta data like I see weather, steps, and music to help add important context to my day. Id also like the ability to create a timeline page from my calendar data which would be useful for printed books and seeing my year at a glance. Itd also be cool if I could link to other journal entries from other dates for referencing events and people. Since we have multiple storylines arching through our lives at any given moment, Id like better way to organize those data points. Basically I wish this journal automatically indexed names and events or let me manually do that so that with a tap I could pull up all journal entries about a person, place, or event without using hashtags. Finally I wish it had an option to automatically add more stuff to each day without creating new entries. Right now I use TextExpander to time stamp and I dont have the ability to add updated meta data like weather, steps or locations to that update. Instead I have to create a whole new entry which creates a lot of stuff to scroll through. 1 star so the developer will acknowledge - after that Ill update to 5.

No Other Journal App Needed!

This app integrates every feature I would imagine a good journal app to have, from printing options to cloud syncing, plus a few more! Im thrilled with it, and recommend it to everyone from the most occasional to the most hardcore journaling enthusiasts.

Good customer service

I had some issues with the upgrade process in Day One. I contacted them and the customer support was very helpful and courteous. I am very pleased with this app.

The app is far more expensive than before.

Now they just want to make money

Great journal!

Using Day One is a great tool for journaling! I find that using an electronic journal allows me to better express myself than when writing as my handwriting leaves a bit to be desired. I am also not accumulating paper journals that need Selina somewhere. I hope that Day One will be updated for iOS 11 soon!

Great App,

Ive been using this to journal, and its a great way to write down your thoughts, and journal trips. Having fun with this app!

No longer Dropbox sync!!

What happened to the Dropbox sync function?! Now I have to pay monthly just for the backup :/

Dayone lost its touch

Dayone was the best app for journaling I have seen, now it is a completely loser, with paid sync thing. I have recommended to a bunch of friends, now Im talking my words out. Dropbox and iCloud sync always work perfectly. What the deal pay almost 50 dollars yearly for a sync service? Cause the others features dont catch me. Strongly looking for another journal client just to kill Dayone from my idevices. Thank you very much Dayone team to turn a great apple in a horrible thing.

Cannot Live without Day One

I love this app. I had it since the original version was released. This newer version worth every dollar that I spent on it. The multiple photo upload is a long-awaited addition. I use it for personal and business matters. Road trips recording. Business meeting minutes. This app is great for them. Now, I am waiting for the update to allow upload of pdf documents. DayOne, please make it soon!


This app has everything I need when it comes to daily journaling.

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